When I first heard about the idea of building an elevator to outer space, I couldn't believe it. But as I learned more about the elevator it started to make sense. I noticed - along with my friends Jonny Leahan and Rob Wood - that it was an elegant idea that is hard to convince people on. After numerous conversations (and arguments) about the merits of the space elevator, we felt a calling to make a film. The connections to mythology, the science behind the concept, and the promise of exploring space drew us in to the idea, but it was the dedicated dreamers we met that made us stick with it. We had a great time working with the people who plan to build this elevator, and we hope you enjoy our film.

-Director Miguel Drake-McLaughlin

Directors Miguel Drake-McLaughlin & Jonny Leahan
Producers Jonny Leahan, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Rob Wood
Executive Producer Robert Wood
Director of Photography Adrian Selkowitz
Editor Chris Guido
Animation David Ahuja