RUFUS LUSK, Founding Partner & Executive Producer

Rufus is motivated by big challenges. He approaches making films with the same intense discipline and collaboration with which he climbs difficult alpine cliffs. Drawn especially to documentary filmmaking where there is no safety net, he excels at finding stories in the lives we live as we live them. Rufus has produced and directed work for clients including Qualcomm, UPS, TBS, The Washington Post, J. Walter Thompson, Macy’s, NBC Universal, Lincoln Motor Company, Greenpeace, The UN Foundation, and many others.

Rufus is a graduate of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where he met the co-director of his award-winning film, The Old Breed (Moutainfilm 2012.) He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Katharine and their adorable daughter Charlotte.


The trailer for Rufus's film, The Old Breed.