JENNIFER BROGLE - Director of New Business

Jennifer Brogle is a dancer, skateboarder, producer and human rainbow.

As a dancer, she studies mostly Haitian folkloric dance, but under the stage name Jenny Desserts she creates her own rhythmic movement style with inspiration from Billy Ocean and Pat Benetar. As a 1980s skateboarder, she holds near and dear her Powell Peralta decks, has the board game “Skaters Only” (but has never played it), and can create really rad Bones Brigade and Ratbones drawings all over your binder. 

Jennifer also has much experience as a Post Producer at VH1, Spike TV, Oxygen, and many NYC-based animation and design studios. Two notable projects she is particularly proud of are the Chrome Features live action spots with Director Aaron Duffy at 1st Ave Machine and Looking Thru the B-Sides stop motion piece with Golden Lucky. In Looking Thru the B-Sides, Jennifer is featured as a dancing skateboard, combining her love of these two arts.

As a human rainbow, Jennifer will bring color to any space, thought or conversation. She happily lives in Brooklyn with her two lovely beaming bright lady twins, Nima and Pia.